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From finite mathematics to written composition: Ultimate studying tips for all students

Most students struggle to maintain focus and motivation while studying at home. This is especially true for those with complicated majors (such as finite mathematics) or tons of programming assignments. If procrastination and lack of concentration are familiar to you, we’ve got you covered. Follow these five tips to become much more consistent and efficient at studying.

1. Always take notes

One of the best things you can possibly do to get better at studying is to take notes. Some professors make it easier to do so; others give lectures that seem almost impossible to follow. But the truth is, note-taking makes studying that much easier, especially during the finals week.
If you make note-taking your habit, the time you’ll need to revise the material later will get much shorter. So try to take notes both during lectures and while reading course materials.

2. Explain complex material to someone

An effective and time-tested way to understand the material better and memorize it is to explain it to a peer (or anyone else, really). This is especially true for such complicated subjects as finite mathematics or biochemistry.
An alternative way to understand difficult readings is to hire professional math homework services that will break down even the most complex concepts to you. But still, nothing works better than trying to teach someone else.

3. Develop a study routine

If procrastination is your number one problem when studying, develop a study routine. For example, make it a habit to study from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day and don’t break it no matter how tired or unmotivated you are.
You’ll only need a couple of weeks to turn consistent studying into a new habit. Afterward, it’ll be okay for you to skip a day or two whenever necessary. But try to stick to the new routine religiously at first.

4. Find your perfect studying spot

Another awesome tip for students who find it hard to focus is to choose a place for studying and avoid changing it. Your brain will soon memorize that this spot means study mode, and it’ll get easier for you to stay focused.
Now, what this place is going to be is up to you. It can be a specific table in the school library, your desk (if you do your math homework at home), or a nice coffee shop nearby. What matters is that you like it and feel motivated to study once you are there.

5. Spend your breaks well

Everyone knows that it is crucial to take breaks when studying, but not everyone realizes that it matters what you do during your breaks. If you’ve just spent an hour working on a complicated problem for your finite mathematics class, scrolling through your Instagram feed will not help you relax.
Instead, spend 15 minutes doing something active or meditating. Go for a walk with your dog, complete a short YouTube workout, or just dance to your favorite song. Any of these activities will revitalize your brain instantly.